January 8th, 2006

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To clear up any misconceptions..

NO. Life doesn't suck right now. I'm incredibly busy with work constantly, my fluffy muppet thing is mad at me for cutting his toenails, and I'm having a fight with a friend. Despite all that, life is pretty good. I've got lots of good things going for me. I'm loving my job, stressful as it may be. I love my apartment, especially the fact that it's ALL MINE and that I can pretty much do what I want with it. I love my friends because let's face it.... they are fabulous. How did I get so lucky?

I've also decided to lose ten pounds by the end of February, which means I need to eat anything NOW that will tempt me later. So in losing the weight, I had two bowls of icecream throughout the day yesterday. I like this diet. Cough. Seriously though, I do need to lose ten pounds if for no other reason that my mother has extended a prize to the family that anyone who loses ten pounds by this date gets $50. And I really need the money ;)

I'm rereading the HP series and seeing things I never realized the first few times around, such as, "It wasn't the first time that Snape had given Harry the impression that he could read minds." Now, for an accomplished Legilimens like Snape, you'd think he'd just be reading Harry's mind all the time (which is perhaps why Harry didn't get in trouble for the whole Ms. Norris being petrified situation). But couldn't he also use his legilimency powers to find out what Harry was up to in other situations? Certainly in the second book Harry is hardly skilled at Occlumency...