January 3rd, 2006

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would this work?


I'd have to get a bluetooth USB thingie for my desktop , but if it means
free internet (if only on nights and weekends since it uses cell
minutes) I'm all for it. Can someone more computeristically inclined
help me out here?

1)would it work on a desktop? the article only mentions laptops
2) how much is one of these USB bluetooth adapters?
3)uh..would I need an ISP still?
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Before anyone thinks I'm a genius or even using available resources,
I'd like to thank my brother tevarin for giving me the
idea to connect to the internet from my computer via my cell phone.
Even if I could only use it after 9 pm (when my nights start) and on
weekends, thats a heck of a lot more internet than I currently have at
home, and seems like a fairly simple and cheap way to connect-- as
long as I don't then need an Internet Service Provider. I wonder if I
would need to get Mobile Web back on my phone.

I need computer-geek help. Eric, I'm looking at you. :-P And that's a

I'm at work right now. I don't need to be, but I'm working a long day
today. Partially so I can get online. Partially because I feel guilty
for having the past two weeks off.

Yesterday was fun. I'm not going to take down Christmas trees for a
living, for sure, but it was fun. Also, Vivi, I got to check out
Tallahassee's World Market, and I learned exactly one thing: I cannot
afford anything there. Luckily, there wasn't that much that I wanted!
I was less impressed than I expected to be.

La de da. I should get back to work.
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alright kids

Who wants to buy Melissa comcastic cable for her apartment? Spend
$65/mo and make her the happiest girl ever! (and the least confused,
since she won't be dealing with bluetooth, dial-up, and crazy internet

Any takers?

(no subject)

Guess who gave in and bought "Comcastic" internet?

Yeah, so I was planning on just getting a bluetooth USB thing for my computer so I could use my cell as a modem, and then using freenet, but Comcast was having a great deal.

I'll talk more about it later. Right now I'm just glad to be off the phone with comcast.

And Sab and Ken are on their way over to "watch the game" (fsu vs. penn state)

oh yeah, I have a tv now, too.