January 2nd, 2006


It's true that I sold my guitar and bought a car

At the parents house dropping Deborah off (she spent the night last night), reading LJ/e-mail, and shopping (in my parents refrigerator).

Hrm... This morning I returned some stuff to Goody's, got some new stuff. I am not impressed with the bra selection. How hard is it to carry humongous bras for non-humongous people? Sheesh, guys. I got a fabulously soft pink sweater, and a doggy brush, which was certainly needed. It's "as seen on TV" and is supposed to reduce allergens... so we'll see. Padfoot looks scruffy and needs to be brushed anyway. Like me, he needs product or something on his hair to keep him from looking like a fuzzball. Difference is, I know I'm not going to lick my hair, and I can't say the same for him.

The weather is gross outside. It keeps raining, but still won't get cold. It's frikkin January and like 75 degrees. Christmas Eve I turned my AC on! Right now in particular there's thunder and lightning. I'm a little scared being on the computer, but my desire to have contact with the online world is apparently larger than my desire to not die through a lightning storm.

My room smells like funky doritos. Unsure whether I posted that before. It STILL smells like funky doritos after shampooing the rug, febreezing it billions of times, lighting a candle in there, etc. I have no idea where the smell is coming from or how to get rid of it.I hope I don't get used to it, and then have other people just assume that my place smells like funky doritos. I need to get the smell out! Any suggestions?

The rest of today equals lunch, tree-taking-downage, showing off my new place, and likely watching a haircut. I'm excited because hanging out with Justin means getting to hear about reunion.

Me and my hair are having a fight. I want to have straight hair today, and it wants to be curly. I am (figuratively) being forced away from my straightener. I guess the hair wins and it's a curly day.

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Oh, and my Mobile IM costs text messages :( boooooo. I pay for 100/mo outside of my free verizon ones, so still feel free to IM me.. just not crazy amounts. And if you DO have verizon, text me instead.

Um, or anyone... just call me. Tonight's going to be my first night alone and I'm scared and sad and in need of company, digital voiced or not.