December 28th, 2005


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Partially moved in. Electricity will be on tomorrow (or hopefully tonight). Somehow, I have a bathroom light. I left it on. Somehow, someone else is paying for it ;). It was nice having atleast a little bit of light though. Will take pictures when everything is all set up. I'm so excited about having my OWN PLACE. Aaah! Going to be fabulous.

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Last night the Hilfsteins and Alice came over. OLD SCHOOL! It was fun. Not Cranium-fun, but fun nonetheless. I'm not going to be a last minute sinner and start my diet on New Years, but I definitely need to stop eating cookies.

Chanukah booty catch-up:
third night - cash from Vivi, Publix gift card from my parents, gum from my parents
fourth night - check from Matthew, extra kitchen supplies from Sab, chanukah wishes from Aaron

still to open:
~Something that looks like another gift card, and more gum from 'rents.
~something that is almost undeniably an LED light for my keychain (everyone else who drives has gotten one, and my package looks the same)
~something that is almost undeniably a can opener, especially because I can see it where the wrapping is a little torn
~something that is definitely plaid pants that my mom bought for me
~friends presents (I only know of two, but hey, there could be more)

Oh, and today I got a fabulous Chanukah card from katiethewriter! Thanks so much, Katie :)