December 24th, 2005

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This post of mine needed some clearing up.

Wish me a Happy Chanukah. Don't do it because I wished you a Merry Christmas.

Wish me a Happy Purim.
Wish me a Happy Pesach.
Wish me a Peaceful and Restful Shabbat.
Wish me a Happy Rosh Hashanah.
Wish me a meaningful Yom Kippur.
Wish me a solemn Yom Hashoa.
Wish me a happy Yom HaAtzmaut.
Wish me a spooky Tisha B'Av.

In fact, wish me all of them in Hebrew. I wish you your holidays in your language of prayer, wish me mine in my language of prayer. I need to be hearing "CHAG SAMEACH!" "L'SHANAH TOVAH TIKATEVU!"

Don't pretend to be all special and all knowledgeable when I wish you Merry Christmas by saying "Happy Chanukah" back. Chances are, Chanukah was two weeks before and you never even noticed.

Chanukah is a VERY MINOR HOLIDAY. It's no more important than any other holiday. I'd put it slightly over Yom Haatzmaut, and that's only because it lasts longer. Chanukah has the exact same theme as most of our holidays, "They tried to kill us. We survived. Let's eat!" It is not special, it is not "the Christmas" for Jews.

THIS is the WORST, STUPIDEST conversation ever.

"Merry Christmas!"
"I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm Jewish"
"Well, then, Happy Chanukah"

This is why I also say "Merry Christmas" back to any known Christian who says it to me. I repeat "Happy Holidays" back to anyone who chooses that form of saying "Merry Christmas" (and lets face it, in this society, "Happy Holidays," "Season's Greetings," and many other seemingly-neutral terms are all saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS pssst I'm trying to be politically correct"

I cannot wait for the next year that 25 Kislev (the date of Chanukah) falls in November or early December (the Hebrew calendar is lunar, and we have a leap month every seven years, which changes the dates around on the English [Roman] calendar). No one will say Happy Chanukah until after it's passed. The same people who tried so hard to be politically correct this year by wishing me a Happy Chanukah will let it fly by without a glance. The malls won't have added that cute little menorah until they put the Christmas decorations up. Wrapping paper won't even be sold by non-Jewish stores until it's too late. All the commercialized bull for Chanukah is only because it's convenient for people to make money. And they only do it around Christmastime.


That said, I love Christmas time. I don't mind when people who don't know my heritage wish me a Merry Christmas. I love the smell of Frazer firs, the warming scent of Christmas cookies, Christmas carols, etc. Christmas is an absolutely beautiful holiday, and GO ON! CELEBRATE IT! I'M NOT STOPPING YOU.

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Sorry to cause such a big uproar. This is really important to me, and whether or not you see it as stupid or immature is your problem. [Ablative Absolute] I really appreciate all the discussion on the matter. Thanks to those who fought for one side or the other, it helped me realize many things, so thanks. For those of you who want to see more discussion on the topic and the fact that I was being too anal about the whole thing, check out this thread in weirdjews


I am really sticky. I have white stuff all over my shirt, arms, and face.

I don't like to avoid innuendo, but really, it's just peppermint pieces. Deb, my mom and I just finished our pretzel/chocolate/peppermint goodness to hand out to neighbors, friends, etc. Crushing peppermints is exhausting and tiring, especially the ones we had. Mega-durable.


Presents = done. I need to finish a few things, but if they aren't done, it's no huge deal. I'm just glad that I got so many great presents without spending too much money. It's no secret that most of my presents came from the Free Book Bin at work, and many of the others came from the crap that came out otf the storage closet (it was to be donated to Goodwill, I was told that if I wanted it, it was mine, so HA. Embezzlement my butt). I did buy a few presents. There were certain things I wanted to get for people that you don't find dusty in a closet or sitting in a free book bin. But, I spent fairly little money and did well.

I also have one more (late! sorry!) Christmas present for reamens which he's known about for months, and I just forgot to give him. I guess it can wait till he comes back, though.

I also have presents on the piano (where we keep all the presents) for Sara, Indira, and a coupe other people that I didn't get a chance to give yet. Those presents will also be late, and I'm sorry :(

But enough about presents. Tuesday we're having a *latke* party with old-school Abrams friends. The ones we used to hang with 15 years ago. We're making all kinds of latkes including sweet potato, spinach & cheese, and sveeral other interesting flavors. It's a shame that all latkes are disgusting.

I won't be eating any at Chabad's Chanukah party either, but I will be attending tomorrow. I wouldn't go if it was at the Chabad House, but they're doing it at Lake Ella. Plus, we can score some free gelt to give out Tuesday (heehee). I'm wearing my hair straight tomorrow so when my dad introduces me to all the 50 year old Jews he wants me to date, they'll want me (I think the straight hair is hotter than the curly). They still won't be able to have me, of course, but it's nice that they will see that.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not moving in till Wednesday. Le Sigh, and oh well. Atleast I'm moving :)

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I'm funny.

thisgirliknow4: man, why am I always attracted to the gay guys?
thisgirliknow4: I don't even mean ATTRACTED TO
thisgirliknow4: I mean like, "magnetically forced upon"