December 20th, 2005



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On the cut:

We're definitely only looking at length, because my hair looks really weird since chick totally messed up my hair when she put the product in. Note to thick curly haireds: uh, don't shake your hair all over the place and break up all the chunks of wet hair. the chunks of wet hair make curls together. When you get rid of the chunks, each individual piece becomes a curl and makes lots of ugly, frizzy curls. This was out in the EIGHTIES.

Also, I asked for two inches off and she did like five :(

Oh, and I don't feel like smiling. Not hair-cut related, I'm just too tired to put in the effort.
Without further ado,

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I think I like it better at this length when it's straight.

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Sara and I went shopping earlier, and I found it really hard to not buy things. The cute $10 dress at Hot Topic, a small harry potter keychain, and tons of random stuff that honestly... I can live without. I wish I HAD tried to buy something earlier, though, because I would have noticed my check card gone, and it would have been less embarrassing than getting my haircut and then not having money. Thank goodness for Sara! Turns out I left my debit card at Video Warehouse last night. After looking through my car, my purse, my wallet (I have two, I hd been using the smaller one with my smaller purse but thought I had put it back) and my clothes, I called there, because I never remembered getting it back from there last night. I had rented Shawshank Redemption, and it was fabulous. I had always pegged it as a boy movie (and it was, sort of), but it was surprisingly good even by Melissa-chick-flick-standards. A little too much blood, but thats what your hands are for. To cover your eyes. ::nods::


I met a Muslim Jew today. A friend of my dad's. His name is Ed. He's probably about sixty, and he had on the BEST. HAT. EVER. (good story, huh)