December 16th, 2005


(no subject)

I love work when I don't have to go.

Next week, I would be working M, T, W, and R for Leon County Schools, which is out for break, and then I'd be working Friday at LVLC, which doesn't close until after that.

Lori just said I don't need to come in :)


Also, talking to Lori and Sarah at the office just seems to make everything so much easier. It's like a load off from the Perry Branch. It also gives me a chance to talk about everything I'm working on which makes me, myself realize how much I have on my plate, and the nobility of what I'm doing. I know that sounds stupid, but I guess I sometimes need reminding.

So, no work for me starting TODAY until JANUARY THIRD. And, oh yeah, I still get paid.

I'm thinking about trying to get some babysitting work during this time. LVLC doesn't need me, but I can't work anywhere where I have a W-2. I'm not allowed to work at ALL, technically, though they can't stop me from babysitting, right? You can only get approved to work if it directly relates to your job and helps you. I guess babysitting DOES help me, since I work with children sometimes, and especially with Let's Read Together, which is coming up.

Problem is, I don't know any young kids. Everyone that I used to babysit is like... 13 now.