December 11th, 2005



I am desperate, desperate, desperate.

Tonight, Literacy Volunteers of Leon County is in charge of answering the telephones for the telethon tonight at WFSU. It goes from 7:30 till 11:30, they'll feed us dinner, and we'll get to be on TV!

The bad news? Two of the people who signed up haven't called back to let me know they are coming, and actually haven't really said anything about this, and one person is sick, leaving us three volunteers short for the telethon, when I assured Erin Harrell of WFSU that we would absolutely have eight people.

So, ermm... Tallahasseeans out there.. Want free dinner and to be on TV? I would be extremely grateful and indebted to you forever, plus you'd have a good time. I promise!

i'm looking at you, chapstickqueen, beckyaya, clarinetjet, rberrien28, xmellyx, jumonville, and ANY OTHER TALLAHASSEE PEOPLE. PLEASE!!!

If you can do it, comment or call me at 766-2313 so I can send you directions and kiss your feet.

If you can't do it, tune in to WFSU tonight for a bit to watch me :)