December 8th, 2005


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I so want a livejournal hoodie. I will love you forever if you buy me one. NO LONGER WANTED (120905)

~I saw Nick Blackwood, of Melissa-and-Indira-had-huge-crushes-on-him-in-first-grade fame. He was at the Cobb Middle School Winter Band Concert. I hadn't seen him in years. Still pretty as ever. I need to find out how long he's in town. I'm thinkin for Dips, not for me. She was excited to hear he was not a gnome.

gnome (n.) - a man who is shorter than 5'8

~Deb's section leader. Whoda thunk? GO DEBBIE!

~Heather, if you're anywhere around, call me. My number's on facebook.