December 6th, 2005


a grammar lesson before you kill me

Don't use an adjective when you are supposed* to use an adverb.

An adjective modifies a noun, "I am a good person." 'Person' is the noun.
"I am wearing brown shoes" 'Shoes' is the noun.

An adverb modifies another verb, "I am well." 'Am' is the linking verb.
"I drive safely." 'Drive' is the verb.

Almost all "-ly" [quickly, happily, fervently] words are adverbs, and therefore modify verbs. The exception is the word "friendly" which is an adjective.

Please, think before you write or speak. Also, don't make me have another lesson on different, cemetery, and separate, or make me ever have one again on your, you're, too, two, to, their, there, or they're.

Today's misspelled word of the day: DEFINITELY. Fix it in your entries, people, before I have a stroke.

* the phrase "I am suppose to" is also not correct. The right word is "supposed." You can use the word "suppose" if you are currently supposing something: "I suppose that would be okay." "Do you want chicken? I suppose" You can never ever ever say "suppose to." It's WRONG.

**All made up words must comply. I use made up words when there is no form of the actual word. Ishmentageness is copyright Melissa and Sara 2003.