November 4th, 2005



I didn't post at all yesterday (Nov 3). How odd. I guess I was just busy or something.

I'm loving all the NaNoWriMo stuff I'm reading. Go you guys!

I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now should I just wait for the movie? Or shall I continue with OotP and HBP?

This is funny in the 'that's not funny' sort of way

I blurted something out that I shouldn't have. Things are complicated enough. And now even moreso, I'm afraid.

19 days until I am 21.

New people in my life are fun. Especially when they are in fact old people.

I have to be at the Probation Fair in six hours. Blarg. I need to sleep.

I can't sleep because of aforementioned blurt.

I never cry when Cedric dies. It happens too quickly.

When there is someone I want to be friends with, sometimes I come on too strongly. This relates to me being impatient.

Austin made it into the top 5% on AIMFight. Go Austin.

My mom's taking my car to Gainesville. The thought of going there makes my stomach turn.

Happy 21st to my first serious boyfriend. (6 years ago)

I want to go to the fair. With Lessa, perhaps. We used to go every year.

My eyes hurt. This is probably because of a lack of sleep.

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Congratulations to anditut, who not only got a job, but has now been named THE SUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE FOR GETTING MY HOPES UP AND THEN BRUTALLY DASHING THEM!

Now she can't come up from HP till my birthday, but she is going to try to come the weekend in between to see HP on IMAX and celebrate with me and stuff.

Boo. But yeah, congrats on the job. LOSER.

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My bangs are getting kind of long, and I am now faced with a dilemma. I've only had bangs about a month, and I'm unsure as to how I feel about them. Help?

Current length:
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Poll #605341 To cut or not to cut?

Should I cut/keep my bangs?

Yes, cut them and keep your bangs!
No, let them grow out