October 30th, 2005


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SO much to talk about. But, so tired.
I don't think I'll forget anything before tomorrow. In fact, I don't think I will forget for a verrrry long time.

Oct 29 Halloween party night!

Last night I kept my word, and I went to both parties. I spent most of the day trying to figure out a decent costume, and ended up going as a witch.. with tap shoes...Don't ask.

Party #1
Stay: 8:30 - 12:15
Group: Lincoln Band 01ers, mostly

Around 7:45, we were eating dinner when my mom remembered she had to go to her friend Elizabeth's photography exhibit at Black Dog. So, seeing that I had some time before I had to leave for the party, I went with her, and there I saw Erin, Elizabeth's daughter and my friend since we were toddlers. We only stayed for like five minutes --I had planned on spending more time at Black Dog but Erin was obviously ready to get out of there. The party was out near where she lived, so she came to it, not having a costume but having a bag of two-year old cheerleading uniforms in her trunk for whatever reason. So, she changed into one. She also for whatever reason had two different, non-matching tennis shoes in her trunk. She said that she'd go as a dumb cheerleader.. but then, I had to ask, "Erin, is it really a costume? WHY do you have two non-matching shoes in your trunk?" She didn't have a good answer.

We walked in and were some of the first ones there, sat around for awhile, Erin stuffed a three musketeers in her bloomers "to save for later." (It's not as gross as it sounds, they had pockets). Erin decided to leave right before the fun part-- the video scavenger hunt!

Team: Melissa, Matt, Allison, Bill (and Nate, later on).
First things first, the top of the list: Get in a fountain. Hoping that the other people wuold drive to FSU and lose time, we went to one fairly close by, which unluckily had water in it (darn you, Allison!) I stuck a finger in. Bill was brave and actually got in. Craziness. Allison took video of it, and then we were off. I have never ever done so many U-turns in one night. Matt was all "HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU GOT" and I was pretty much making sure my boobs didn't fly off.

Then we went to Wal-Mart where we met up with our other team partner Nate, and the five of us went into Wally World to accomplish several of our other tasts: Getting someone to say the pledge with us (this one guy wouldn't because he didn't know it!), Getting someone to do a handstand, giving someone a piggy back ride (holy crap, this woman kept trying to pawn her daughter off on Matt), asking Wal-Mart employees if they wanted piggy back rides, and some other weird incredibly random stuff that I can't remember (darnit!). Imagine several of us (in weird costumes) walking up to people saying, "Excuse me, sir." Or us walking up to the kid we finally DID get to say the pledge with us and his mother looking totally freaked out. A look I shall not forget for a long time.

Then we left in search of a car for sale. Heeere's where the U-es come in. Allll around the parking lots, all over the place. Finally found one, when we were parked at some bank near a parking lot, but luckily, the bank had a lot of trees nearby.. perfect for our Blair Witch scene that we had to do! Then we did some other stuff that I can't even remember, and then headed back to Allison's, engaged in a fabulous time warp, watched the videos and cracked up. I don't think we won, because we didn't crash a party (which was on the list) but I don't think a winner was ever announced. Oh well.

I didn't really know anyone there. I had previously known Matt, obviously, but had met Nate twice and Allison once. And then I met Bill that night, but he was being smothered by this chick named Amanda (who I had actually met before as well, we stood next to eachother on the field in the Godby/Lincoln game my freshman year). But really, I didn't know anyone that well at all, and I'm kind of shy and awkward in situations like that, and I felt bad for not really letting Matt out of my grip. Nate left, claiming exhaustion, so soon afterwards, I left, a little scared about driving the 30 minutes way out to Jackson Bluff (coming from Killearn) so I called Nate and made him talk to me on the way over there. He almost actually came with me but.. yeah... PARTY POOPER (His proclamation, not mine)

Party #2
Stay: 12:45 - 2:45
Group: Godby Band 01ers and other randoms

When I got to Edna and Pat's, I got out of my car and brought my witches hat and my purse in, and then got inside and realized I had lost my witches hat somehow, but it didn't matter: I had to piss like a racehorse. I saw Charles about to leave for another party (that I was going to go to with him, seeing as how he's the reason I went to Edna and Pat's in the first place). I make him point me towards a bathroom. So I'm waiting for one bathroom that doesn't seem to be freeing any time soon, then waiting for another, and finally a third bathroom is free, and man... peeing had never felt so good. TMI? Too bad.

I convinced Charles to stay for atleast a little while so I could say hi to everyone there, and we walked around and saw a very beat up "Jack and Jill" and then walked to the fire, where.. dude. I got to see Batman and a Unicorn spar! Both 22-ish year old guys, both in children's costumes. Oh yes. And then I saw the unicorn try to get it on with Batman. It was a sight! Then Amber and Mary (who had previously left for the party Charles was planning on going to) came back proclaiming the other party was sucky, so Charles and I decided to stay. I got to see some old friends, including one who was dressed up as "The Dude" from the Big Lebowski but really looked more like Jesus, and a girl who I knew back in middle school who I didn't really get to talk to at all. Edna was true to her word as a "whore with cat ears" as her costume, Amber had some fabulous ruby slippers as Dorothy, and Charles was Milton Wadams from Office Space: complete with red swingline stapler. It was awesome. This party definitely had the better costumes.

After the meet and greet, we pretty much just sat down on the couch and talked, ate, and took pictures. Left around 2:45, everything had pretty much died down. Walked outside, and right outside the door? My witch hat. Oops.

/ end night

I don't have any pictures from the second party yet, but Allison is amazing and already put pics up on facebook, so here they are, or atleast.. the ones that have meee :)

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