October 27th, 2005


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From USA Today

Among the more frightening scenes in the fourth Potter installment, due in theaters Nov. 18:

• A giant man-eating snake.

Um, what? I'm sorry, Nagini doesn't eat humans, thanks.

"Despite everything, I still believe that everyone is good at heart"

~Work is burning me out like mad.
~I was stuck waiting for a single red light (Tenn and Macomb) for over thirty minutes.
~Boys are confusing.
~I still need Halloween costume ideas. I think I'll end up as a clown.
~I need to take a shower, but first I'm going to go running. I need to get my share of that gorgeous weather.
~I am going to seriously try to lose twenty pounds. For real this time. Anyone want to join me in this endeavor?
~I miss my ribbon
~My room is now clean
~I don't want to pay $25 for a game of golf. That's not free, britches.