October 25th, 2005


Random quick updatey thing

~Viktor Krum looks like Aras in this picture.

~My eyes keep like.. sending out tears. Someone is going to get the totally wrong impression and think I'm crying (Either sad or happy tears)...or I'll get referred to as "an emotional girl." I have no idea why, I think my eyes are just dry and therefore want to make themselves...wet. This could pose a problem tonight (see below)

~Tonight I am a clown at a Family Literacy Workshop thingie for my mom. For once we'll have two clowns, because Deborah is doing it too. I'm excited. I like clowning. What I do not like is making billions of balloon animals, because after awhile, your fingers start to hurt really badly from all the tying. I'd rather just entertain by dancing or magic tricks or something. Perhaps the can-can?

~Bulbous Bouffant is the BEST. SONG. EVER. I can't believe I went this long without listening to it.

~I stayed up way too late on the phone last night, but had some fabulous discussion. Now I open a main topic up to you:

Who owns pictures?

the person who takes them / has them taken on their camera
every one of the people in them

Does it depend on other factors? Does it matter? Why or why not?


Clowns! me and yellowducks231

A fairly pleasant evening clowning at the Family Literacy "Family Fun Night Kickoff"
No stepping on toes. In fact, It would be impossible to guess where my toes even WERE in the huge green (18 inch) shoes.
And, no one asked if I was a real clown or a fake clown-- that almost hurts! Do they just assume I'm fake?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Forgive us for the yucky, messy makeup. This was after a night of clown-dancing and entertaining. We were pretty much pooped by picture time

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