October 23rd, 2005


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More wedding pictures. I won't bore you with the five pictures of Sab getting her hair done but here are a few more from yesterday. I really wish I had pictures from the ceremony/reception, and all the formal wedding party pictures we took-- but I only have "getting ready" pictures, because I left my phone in the dressing room :(

Luckily, I'm sure I'll get to see the bridal party pictures, just not for awhile.

My mouth looked surprisingly like a duckbill that day. I guess it was the whole "wearing lipstick" thing, but it looks really different from normal. I hope all the wedding pictures don't have me lookin funny like that.

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going up

No StarClimber in the air :(

Unfortunately, the Starclimber Space Elevator didn't go up today. No fame, no fortune, but lots of ideas for next year's Space Elevator 2006.

The good news for us is, no ones was working very well. One teams elevator went up, but with more power than they were alloted. From what I have heard, no one else's went up at all.

The bad news for the future of space elevators? See above.

Good experience, certainly, but its sad that they didn't win anything, especially after the hours of effort and thousands of dollars put into it. NASA will probably not give out any prizes at all, considering that none of the teams met the minimum requirements to get the award.

Matthew, Alan.. Valiant effort guys.. I salute you

I need costume ideas.

I can always be a clown. That one's easy.
I could do the 40s housewife thing with a dress I found tonight.
I could be a librarian. But.. I dress as a librarian every day.

But what I really want to be is.. something else. Any ideas?

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