October 17th, 2005

birthday from melissa

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I can't sleep, and someone asked me earlier tonight what I wanted for my birthday-- its coming up fairly soon and I hadn't really even thought about it. So here's a birthday/Chanukah list.

Matthew, get your b-day list up SOON. We only have a week!

Spensive (Vivi? Matthew? you guys are like rich, AND you like me. A lot.)
~Magic Bullet (I think my parents are getting it for me)
~Legends membership
~new bike
~True Ceramic Pro Straightening Iron

Not so spensive
~speakers for ipod perhaps like this?
~pretty much anything from thinkgeek.com (except the binary clock, I already have it)
~new home charger for my Sanyo 8200 cell phone
~wall clock with roman numerals
~vintage or weird/cool looking handbags
~Into the Woods DVD
~neon stars for my ceiling.. of my car (yes, yes, I know)
~crayon box with sharpener...
~gift certificates to pretty much anywhere
~the spray stuff that gets crap out of keyboards, and has the long nozzle. I love that stuff.
~huge tacky earrings. polka dots are preferable. perhaps orange and neon pink? with turquoise?
~gift certificates to clothing stores
~House earrings at solardust.com (red and gold)
~$$. Mel = po'

EDIT Yes, yes, and alcohol. I am turning 21 ya know.

From most of you, all I want is a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY THISGIRLIKNOW"

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I smell like bugspray.

As nice as the weather is outside, the mosquitos decided to come out and play. And bite. After about ten minutes and atleast 20 mosquito bites, I opted for bug spray. Man, I hate the smell of this stuff, but it's keeping me from being entirely bitten.

I went running with Deb earlier and they didn't bother us then, it's just out on the deck.

Daddy and I built a sukkah :) It's not perfect, but it looks pretty darn good