October 16th, 2005


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So, remember the crappy Tallahassee play that was the LVLC benefit?. I went again. By choice.

Justin's coworker had some extra tickets and offered them to him, and he took me. The audience seemed to enjoy the play, and it* seemed a little more lighthearted than last time-- though it was the exact same play.

Also, maybe I didn't care as much because I was wearing my absolutely fabulous red salsa dress. Originally I had planned to wear a skirt or something, but then got the urge to dress up. So I called Justin, told him to look nice and wear a tie, and then went off in search of the perfect purse to go with my outfit (my green one wasn't going to cut it). I took the black clutch that my mom took to her high school prom. it was the first time I had used this one, and actually the first time I had ever carried a clutch. I think I like it!

After the play we ate food from CCG. I hadn't been there in awhile, and I was disappointed. The counter girls were ugly (back in the day they were super hot). They didn't have teriyaki. And when we ate (at Justin's, not at CCG), I realized they gave me honey mustard instead of italian. YUCK. Still a good overall experience. I had missed CCG.

Backing up to this afternoon, we had a barbeque. 10 of us. Me, Justin, Sabrina, Ken, Mom, Dad, Dad's carved wooden "Peewee" bird, Dad's carved Katrina mask, Dad's carved Rita mask and Dad's trophy. It was nice for Justin to see Sabrina again atleast once more (they met in 2002) and meet Ken before the wedding since he'll be there next week and all. My parents seemed mostly normal throughout. I was proud of them. There was once incident with some Bicycle playing cards and my dad telling everyone in the most seriouis voice ever how wonderful they were because they were mint condition and unopened, but that passed quickly.

Man I love this weather.

*I originally typed "andit" without a space, and it reminded me of typing "anditut"

my ribbon...

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The day I put it on (June 25), and right now. To be fair, the lighting is different, but still...

Yesterday I was talking to Justin and my mom about how I was going to take it off at Sabrina's wedding, and maybe how I would accidentally forget. Justin was like, "She won't forget. I will REMIND her"

Sab plans to bring scissors. For the specific purpose of cutting this thing off my wrist. Indira threatened to get my roomies to cut it off a month ago. Sara has more than once talked about cutting it off without my knowledge. The only person who hasn't said anything about it is Deborah-- she's been wearing hers almost as long as me, less one day. Plus, it's from her Bat-Mitzvah

So I guess it's just about time. Although Nate from SCL has been wearing a ribbon for almost three years now. I guess I'm just not that cool.

You know, I'm going to miss it. It's become a part of me. Sab suggested taking a ribbon from her wedding and tying that around my wrist for awhile.. but it won't be the same. I realize that neither of these occasions (Deb's Bat Mitzvah, Sab's wedding) are MY days, but with Deborah's Bat-Mitzvah, it was still all my relatives, my friends, etc. So it was very special and close to home, and this ribbon reminds me of all that.

Six more days till I am ribbonless.

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Two exciting pieces of information:

1) I finally bought more tweezers. The only ones I could find after I moved home weren't very... grabby. My eyebrows will now return to their state of perfection.

2) We're building a sukkah tomorrow! We haven't built one since like.. 95, the year of the collapsing PVC pipes. This year we're making one out of wood. I'm excited like whoa.