October 5th, 2005


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So the theater benefit was tonight, and honestly a little boring. The play, while it did show some important parts of Tallahassee history.. was not very entertaining or able to hold my attention very well. I definitely had to work at staying awake.

but-- I had the best butterscotch blondie brownie EVER. So that makes it almost worth it.

The past few days have been a blur of Shomrei Torah. Lots of services. Lots of repentance going on. Some fairly good sermons, some not so good sermons. I feel like I personally grew over this new year, and truly repented for the things I had done wrong, so I feel much better about myself in that way.

I also decided not to send a letter to Rob. During the tashlich service, I could think of three people that I could not ask for forgiveness, because it would only hurt them more. Two of them were people that never knew I spoke badly of them or thought bad thoughts, so apologizing would only make them realize that I had had those thoughts. The other one was Rob. I realized that no matter how much it would make me feel better to apologize to him, it would be only harmful to him, and disobeying the one thing he wants: to never hear from me ever again. I composed several letters in my head to him, and now I feel better, and I don't have to remind him of events of six months ago.

Next year I want to blow shofar again. This years Tekiah Gadolah's were shorter than ever. It's become all about the size of the shofar, no one cares about endurance anymore ;) Vivi and I could outlast those guys tenfold.

I still like my bangs. I just find it weird to feel them on my forehead. I haven't had bangs since 3rd grade, so it's definitely a change. Only one person so far has had a non-positive comment about my bangs. Of course, its hard to say something bad about someone's hair when it's obviously stuck like that. I think at some point this weekend I'm going to try straight bangs with curly hair. When I slept on my hair wet last night, I found out I do NOT like curly bangs. But I digress.

Both Vivi and Dena leave tomorrow, and it's back to a regular work schedule for me. I have a meeting tomorrow at ten with Ellen and Megan to talk about the LSTA grant, and then a full day of catching up from the last week.

L'Shanah Tovah U'metukah, and hopes for a happy, healthy, meaningful fast. (if I put the hopes out now, it'll get to ya before Yom Kippur)