September 27th, 2005


Do you people ever learn?


effect - noun. "The effect that the insecticides had on the plants was enormous"
affect - verb. "The insecticides affect the plants"

Separate. Separate. Separate.
Seperate is NOT A WORD.

Different. Different. Different.
Diffarent is not a word.

Difficult Difficult Difficult
Diffacult - NOT A WORD.

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely.
definately doesn't even LOOK right. Come onnn...

to (to a place, to do something)- I am going to the store to buy groceries.
too - (also) I want to go too.

use to - use to do what? This is not a past tense verb! The only time it could even possibly be correct is if you are describing the use of an object. A pencil I use to write. Even that doesn't make sense, either.
You are looking for "USED to" I USED to go to Godby. I USED to not mind when people used this incorrectly. I USED to not be a murderer.

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I gotta get back to LVLC.

Rob is 25 today. Oh, the things I had planned for today. Planned way in advance. Holy crap, I had it all planned out. Every detail. Every. little. thing. In a book, right in front of me. Good thing I didn't do any advance orders, right?

Rob, if you ever read my journal... Happy Birthday. And if you will never see this, I wish you a Happy Birthday.