September 25th, 2005


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Tonight was fun (haven't been to sleep yet). No work + seeing pictures of a new addition to a family friend's family, + dinner at Lucy Ho's with Indira, Deborah and Sarah (Deb's friend), + the second half of Rabbi Jacob, + Selichot services with one of my favorite prayers ever...

Adonai, Adonai
El Rachum v'chanun
erech apayim
v'rav chesed v'emet
notzer chesed la'alafim
noseh avon, vafesha,
v'chata'ah, v'nakeh

Breath of Life, Infinite Spirit
A God compassionate and gracious
slow to anger
abounding in kindness and truth
offering love in reward for your goodness to the thousandth generation
forgiving sin and granting pardon...

+ the Ashamnu (I always think so much during that prayer), + hanging out with my good friend Bobby that I rarely ever get to see.. well it all equals a pretty much spectacular night.