September 20th, 2005


writing this for the third time

I keep getting distracted from my LJ entry. Getting ready to go to to
Ruediger.. work... it all gets in the way. Life should definitely revolve
around livejournal. Yes?

Yesterday I got my GED results back. I missed two. One of them I had the
right answer on my paper, and I guess I bubbled in the wrong thing (it was a
math question). The other one.. I guess I didn't really understand the
question. Anyway, I still passed with flippin flyin colors. I'm glad.
Last night

I went over to my friend Craig's apartment and we hung out. And by hung
out, I mean that we fired American History questions at eachother. Craig..
ahem.. "Mr. Ross" is a new History teacher at Lincoln -- he was showing me
the stuff he does with his students, the test he gave them, etc. I barely
ever get to see Craig, so it was nice to spend some time together. I left a
little after 11, and fully intended to go home, but as I was leaving, I
checked my messages. Matt said he wanted to see me, that his phone was dead,
and that he was at his friends apartment.

Sooo I drive over to his friends apartment, and don't see his car.. "that's
funny" I thought to myself. So I went to HIS apartment, saw that his car was
parked there, and went upstairs to his door... knocked...door.. window.. no
answer. I gathered some rocks from the courtyard area and left him a nice
message outside his door, got in my car and was about to go home, when I
realized, "Oh, maybe he WALKED to Sarah and Steele's." So I go back over
there, and sure enough, he's there. I hung out with them for about an hour,
and then took Matt home. I went in for a little while, we talked (we hadn't
seen eachother or really even spoken in several days) and he convinced me to
stay. I didn't have my toothbrush or clean clothes or anything with me, but
I stayed, then woke up early to go home and get ready for Ruediger. And then
started writing my lj entry, until I realized "HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO GO"

So I went to Ruediger, and.. dude. I tutored math today. I'd been fine
doing decimals and fractions with the Lively students, but the guy I was
working with today was much beyond that. It seemed like an entirely
different GED test that this guy would be taking. We were finding the
distance between points on a graph, doing slope intercept form, writing and
comparing inequalities. I mean, it was stuff I remembered (after quickly
refreshing myself with the example problems), but.. this stuff isn't on the
GED! It was in a GED workbook, so I'll shut up.. but I doubt there was one
question on there that was even that hard. The teacher (who is just starting
out there) was very impressed with my math skills. Me, I wasn't impressed
per se, but considering that I haven't taken any math in four years and
haven't really been using it at all either... I was glad I remembered all my
Algebra. And of course, glad to be able to know how to teach it.

People keep telling me I should be a teacher. About twelve times in the
past month or so, no kidding. The thing is, I don't want to be a teacher.
Tutoring is fine. Working one on one is great. Teaching a class of different
levels and different mindsets, thats something else. You have to appeal to
everyone. You're going to be moving too fast for one person, and not fast
enough for someone else. I honestly don't think I would make a very good
teacher. I'm not going to risk ruining students lives by becoming a teacher
if its not what my passion is, and not what I'm meant to do. I'd be a
teacher whose heart wasn't in it. You don't want that.

So now I'm working on this grant for the National Book Scholarship Fund.
And listening to Sherri and Sarah match ESOL tutors with students. And
***shhh**** making a flyer for Ellen's Retirement Surprise Party. I hope the
guy from the JDC comes over today to bring the flyers and the descriptions
he wrote up. He said he might bring them today, or it might take till
Friday. I have too much to do to worry about that till Friday.

Back to work, Mel.

P.S. Thomas "Clint" McPherson joined facebook, and added me. I doubt we
ever said a word to eachother, and I haven't seen him since fifth grade.

P.P.S. There is such thing as a free lunch. I went to Bruegger's today ..
and it turns out this guy I knew in high school works there. We actually
probably never talked, but we hung out with the same people, and certainly
knew who the other was. I knew him mostly because he was dating a girl who
I've known since we were five-ish. Anyway, free bagel and creamcheese! Nice.

Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. boys:
    Yes, as shocking as it may seem, I like boys. Well, men.
  2. cooking:
    I like to eat. I like to eat good food that I know is kosher and good for me. Therefore I like to cook my own food.
  3. funny stories:
    "There was this man, and he was walking down the street and he had something REALLY important to do. And then he blew up.
  4. humor:
    See above.
  5. journalism:
    This encompasses (for me) both writing the truth, and getting it out to the community.
  6. melissa:
    I'm pretty much the most narcissistic person I know. Of course I'm interested in myself.
  7. pictures:
    No idea why this is here. I guess I like.. no... actually, I don't have any particular affinity for pictures. They're nice, but I'm only as interested as the next guy.
  8. scl:
    Senior Classical League, WOOT! SCL, the best organization since... JCL. LATIN DORKS UNITE
  9. spooning:
    Who doesn't love spooning?
  10. uf:
    I went there. This is more of a geographical interest. For instance, someone new starts going to UF, they look it up as an interest, they find me.

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