September 19th, 2005


written last night around 9

I feel very accomplished this weekend. No, I didn't get any work done-- but I did:

~hang out with two different sets of new friends (work friend and her friends, and boyfriend's friends)
~spend time with Matt (Friday afternoon through Saturday morning)
~spend time with my family (Saturday)
~spend time with Indira (Saturday afternoon and night)
~spend time with Sara (Sunday afternoon)

I forgot how relaxing and fun weekends can be. Plus, I feel accomplished because I vacuumed.

You've heard about the rest, but today was great fun. Sara came over around 6 and I had dinner all made for her -- fabulous baked chicken, rice pilaf, and broccoli. Then we played Harry Potter Scene It. Considering she had seen many of the questions before, I think I did pretty darn well. I even won the first game (although she won the second). When Sara and I were playing Scene It, my eyes were watering, so after she left I vacuumed the floor, and then I lint-brushed Keaton's hair off of one of the sofas, so I could sit on it comfortably with no allergy craziness. Unfortunately one sofa equaled almost half of my lint roller sticky things, so I could only do one couch (out of three). Also took out the trash and as always, did my dishes. So I generally just feel fairly clean, I guess. My room is clean pretty much all the time too. The only thing I DIDN'T do (that I needed to) was my laundry, but I think the washer and dryer are still broken, and besides, I did my clothes less than a week ago, so I still have stuff to wear.

I dunno when I'm going to get to post this. Internet's been out all day. Booo.

GED class

I'm sitting in the GED class that I tutor in on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they are having a guest speaker (teaching about resumes). It's actually pretty interesting. Not the resume stuff, but the way this woman knows how to speak to people who might not understand. Stuff I wouldn't even think of.

EDIT Okay, she just handed ME a resume worksheet.