September 17th, 2005


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Yesterday was hella fun. Work wasn't too bad, and I got to order a name badge. Now I get to feel important! After work Matt picked me up and we went to Target and then to the mall to go shopping for clothes for Matt.

Lesson 1: Boys do not spend nearly as much time picking out clothes or in the dressing room as girls. There's no "does this make my butt look big?" or "this color isn't good with my skintone." It's odd.

Lesson 2: I like ugly shoes. I can't help it. I just need to accept it.

Whilst at the mall, I saw the original 8 foot tall man, Mr. Daniel Falmlen. I dunno if he saw me. I dunno if he would have said hi if he did. I certainly didn't say hi to him. But, it was definitely Falmlen, and he's definitely still tall. Hair's different, though.

PSA to my friends: I hate Star Wars, but think its really hot when guys like it. So even though a shirt that says "SITH HAPPENS" is completely stupid to me, I love that he bought it.

After all that, we had talked about playing pool with Sarah (VISTA) and Mark (her bf) but they were having a friend stay over who didn't really want to go out, and they ended up inviting us over for fondue! Chocolate fondue. For those of you keeping up with my life, I haven't eaten chocolate in a long time. However, we were in the presence of fairly new friends, and I didn't want to offend them, so I ate some anyway. it made me feel kind of floopy. I don't think its going to be something that I will eat regularly, but I think I'm off my "abstaining from chocolate" 9 months. Yes, a whole nine months. Atleast that means that if I have justational diabetes or something and can't have sugar, I'll be able to do it. Yay.

So back to the night. We ate fondue. We hung out, we talked. It was me, Matt, Sarah, Mark, Sarah and Mark's friend Megan, and a few other friends of theirs (Kyle, Jim, and Kim, all of whom I didn't really get to talk to that much). They were very artsy people, which came out when we got on the discussion of movies, but there were very fun, good, liberal times. Sarah and I are getting to be pretty good friends. I always like making new friends :)

Our deal was that after we hung out with my people, we would hang out with Matt's people, so the two of us went over to his friends' place. The drama of the night was his friend Wilson wrapped in a blanket on the floor, and Matt crashing into him with a pillow-- and accidentally hurting Wilson and then Wilson being in a huge huff about it. Apparently this sort of thing happens pretty much constantly. And then Wilson threw Matt's frisbee out the door and it almost crashed into the house where there's always someone on the porch selling computer desks... Matt finally became brave enough to go get it (and of course nothing happened).

We then watched Death to Smoochy, which was incredibly hilarious, but I fell asleep during the middle part of it. I can't wait to actually see it the whole way through. I was pretty much tired and half asleep when we finally left at almost three am, so Matt took me home, and tucked me in.. and then tucked himself in ;) We talked for awhile and then we were pretty much asleep almost instantly (no, we aren't sleeping together).

I made Matt breakfast this morning. Pancakes and eggs and orange juice. Yay :)

So, he's going to this thing on Tuesday where he has to dress in drag. He'd never done it before, and me, being a veteran of helping guys dress in drag (HELLLLLO SCL) decided to help him out a little. He looked gorgeous and hot in everything, but this was our favorite:

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We also took some pictures of the two of us, but I'm not going to post them. I'm still wearing what I slept in and my hair was very unflattering. Besides, apparently (according to the pictures) my cheeks have gotten huge. Time to diet, Mel.

Now, in this next picture, I think he looks like a republican. The camo shorts, I guess. I told him if he wanted to look more liberal he could borrow a bra and wear it outside his clothes. He declined. I also think he has a Jason Biggsy vibe in this picture.
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I'm really in the mood to go camping, or atleast know that camping is in the near future. I think I'm going to call my parents and see if they want to family-camp, but if not, I'll go with my friends. I haven't been camping with my family in a long time and my friends tend to be squeamish about bugs and frogs and stuff... so yeah. It's probably a little late to camp TODAY... maybe we could just build a fire and do hotdogs and marshmallows. Hmm.

Otherwise, no other plans for today. Matt's working on a bulletin board project for one of his classes, and of course I had planned to go to Alabama this weekend, so I'm pretty much free. Anyone want to come do campfire crap tonight at el casa de Abrams?