August 30th, 2005


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My feet hurt so freaking much. That's the last time I wear those shoes to work! This is actually hte TOPS of my feet, from where the shoe digs into this area about an inch below my toes. Oww.

Other than that, I had a generally good day. This morning I went to Lively at 8 am, where I was resigned to copying, collating, filing, and things of that nature-- which I wasn't very happy with at the time. I'm a Vista member, and though I make less than minimum wage, I think I deserve to help the community a little more than what a mimimum wage recetionist would do. I'm not really angry about it anymore, though. I talked to Glenda, and she's going to have me do some tutoring-- also not what VISTAs are supposed to do, but its only a couple hours a week. I shall consent.

I went to the LVLC office afterwards (around 11:30) and had to take the new VISTA, Sarah, over to TalTran to pick up bus passes. She's been having her boyfriend take her to work every day, which isn't exactly the best set-up. So we got her bus passes, came back, and then we were immediately sent off to Publix and the Dollar Tree to pick up icecream, toppings, and decorations and some other stuff for the Ice Cream social tomorrow evening. And then tomorrow I get to set up for it.

Around four, which was shortly after I got back to the office, Sarah and I left to go to this Community Resources Reception at the Mary Brogan Museum. It wasn't really what I expected, but it was nice. I got lots of pens, pencils, and magnets promoting different things around the community. Pet a baby alligator. Ran into one of Vivi and Matthew's high school teachers that apparently remembered me (I had know idea who he was at all, and thought he was screwing with me when he was asking about my brother). The reception will be going on till six-thirty, but Sarah and I had already seen everything there and decided to leave. So, I took her home, and then as I was leaving her complex, I freaked out b/c I couldn't find my cell phone in my purse. Or in my Americorps bag. So I was going to call my mom to ask if she could find it at the museum, when I realized I couldn't call her.. because of course, didn't have my phone. I finally found it in my backseat. I had put my purse back there and I guess it spilled out. I was getting ready to go home and beg someone to let me use their phone to try to call mine, even though I knew it was on silent. I found it just in time to see my brother calling, which was nice. We talked for a bit as I came home and got completely clobbered and scratched by Keaton. That dog can just higher than... well, anything really.

Now I'm home and tired. I definitely need to rest for awhile. Even though (yes!!!) I only worked 10 hours today.