August 27th, 2005


Phone Post:

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“(not word for word)

After a long day of ESOL tutor training (including a lunch time where at Publix a girl's nipples were out of her shirt, it was so low cut), my parent sinvited me over for dinner. Translation: to make dinner for them. but hey, in my position, I cannot afford to pass up free food. So I made some wonderful broiled tilapia. I washed Padfoot (I brought him over so he could play with Kelev when I was there), and then my mom got a call from her best friend in high school, asking if my mom and I could go to her daughters dorm and bring her soup and juice. Turns out the girl had a 104 degree fever. Her parents live eight hours away. So, seeing as how my mom lived in town, her friend called her about this. Anyway, so we brought her some soup and stuff. We were actually escorted upstairs and down by a front desk person. We talked for a little while, made her the soup, talked a little more, and then we left. On the way back home, my throat and my ears started hurting immensely. Despite my mom saying it was all in my head, I took my temperature. 99.6. Not overly feverish, but not normal either. So yay. Lucky me. I don't think I could have possibly gotten anything that fast, though-- it was really weird. Anyway, then we came home. My dad had let Padfoot out, so I had to give him YET ANOTHER bath-- and now I'm back here. Took medicine. Everything still hurts. Ouch.”

Transcribed by: thisgirliknow

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Earlier this evening, right before I was about to was Padfoot and go home, I told Deborah I could give her a ride to her friend Sarah's. Apparently she had been waiting for someone to take her for awhile, and she didn't want to walk. It's a fairly short distance, so it wouldn't have been terrible. She's walked there many a time before. So I tell her after I wash Padfoot, I can take her on my way home. She doesn't want to wait, and gets a little frustrated.

She walks out of the room and is like, "FINE, I'M LEAVING!"
I ask, "Are you walking?"

And she says, ever so surely and confidently, "No, I'M getting a RIDE"

Maybe you had to be there, but it was really fricking hilarious.