August 26th, 2005


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Yesterday I went the entire day without updating. In fact, Its been over 42 hours! WTF, Mel. I've checked my e-mail and replied to comments, read everyone elses journal and done my commenting... but somehow just didn't find the time to update! Not that I don't have anything to update about, I've just been, as the saying goes, "hella busy."

My car did the same thing on Thursday morning that it did the previous Sunday. Called a locksmith, he came out, got it working finally, and then tested it again.. no luck. Banged the key forward.. worked. Took the key out, tested again.. didn't work. So... thinking I had to bang my key forward every time at this point, got my umbrella out, tested it. Finally got it so I could do it myself. Now my car has been working perfectly. No key banging or anything-- but still it has to go back to Saturn, because they said they fixed it. Fixing a problem does not entitle the same problem to happen a few days later. It just doesn't.

Thurs night was the ESOL tutor training. Twas fine. Going again Saturday. Glad Indira decided to do it.

I need to stop spending money. I've eaten out 3 times in 3 days, and although its not like I was extravagant or anything, I need that money desperately for things like rent and car payments. I have perfectly good food at home that I shouldn't mind eating at all.

But last night, the extravagant twelve dollars was worth it. We went to Applebee's. The waiter was FRIKKIN awesome. We had long conversations about Indira's and mine stupid boy stories. Dips ended up with free food because there was a piece of a grill-cleaning brush in there. We also got free dessert. Yay for good service and good Applebees. Even though my Oriental Chicken salad was.. well, the lettuce was warm and the chicken was cold. I think it was made early and then sat out on the counter for awhile waiting for Dips's food to be done.

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I'm at LVLC. Ellen had an appt. so I'm here to watch the office, even though I should be at Saturn with Bob right now. She called to ask if I could come in, so I threw on clothing and brushed my teeth and I was out of there. I've got super messy hair-- In fact I'm just a mess in general right now. Can't wait to go home and shower.

There's more I was going to say.. but I'm going to write it in a girls-only filter. Look out chicas!