August 22nd, 2005

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I got all my Theresa-worries out to Ellen this morning, and I feel better about it. Ellen said she'd be careful to stay general, and not let Theresa know that I was the one that basically ratted on her. But, it needed to be ratted. Badly. And the rest of the office agrees with me. Coming late to a few meetings is one thing, but leaving hours early every day, flirting with your students, and making up numbers for your fiscal report is positively ridiculous. This woman should not be in that Family Literacy setting.

Right now I'm at the main branch, working on a Public Service Announcement for the International Literacy Day Fair that I am planning. This is something that will go out to the local media to let them know about what's going on. If anyone out there has DONE PSA's before, I would love to have your help and your feedback.

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I'm all moved in, like I said earlier. Everything is falling into place and starting to feel like home. My mother was wonderful and bought me my first groceries. Most of my friends have come over to visit and they all like the new place, too. There's jealousy (who wouldn't want to live in such an ideal situation?) in the air, but they are mostly just really happy for me ;)

Padfoot's lovin the new place too, although he absolutely refused to go to the bathroom this morning. It was more of a "Hey, Mel? WTF are we doing out here? You expect me to pee HERE? No no. I pee at home. " type thing. So obviously he's still getting used to it. He actually seems calm next to Jaime and Shiloh's dog, Keaton. Keaton is only 8 months old and a Jack Russell to boot, so he's got lots of energy, even more than my Paddington.

The locksmith got my key to turn yesterday. He sprayed some WD-40 in the ignition, and kind of tapped the key into there more deeply, and voila! It worked several times more that night, but my dad was afraid that it would stop at any moment, so right now, my car is at Saturn, getting re-keyed most likely. I need to call the parental units on my lunch break to make sure that that went off okay. I can't wait to have Bob back. I mean, the Short Bus (my dad's minivan...) is great... but it's just not Bob. And I'm sure my dad can't wait to have a car again either (its much easier for him to get rides when he's in one place all day than for me, since I work in like three places every day).

I should really get back to work. I have to finish this and then go visit some elementary schools this afternoon to drop off/pick up flyers before heading over to the Dr. B.L. Perry branch. No GED site visits today!

Oh, and I don't get off at 6 today like I thought. There's a board meeting this evening. Starts at 5:45, but obviously I have to be late because I'll be working at Perry till 6. I probably won't get off till 7:30 or 8 :(

pictures and plaques...

...from Godby Latin are miiiine! All miiiiiine! I'll probably give Sara the
plaque that has the Nobiles Romani Award on it (thusly her name), but of
course I'll keep the Consul's Award, the Spirit Award and the Most Active
Award (all won by yours truly) for myself :)
And all the pictures? Matthew is on three, Vivi on three, Inger on one, and
me on three (my senior year we didn't have a huge picture since there were
only three of us going)

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For those keeping up on the incidents of the BL Perry branch...

~Ellen called three times as "wrong numbers" -- most likely to check up on Theresa. Theresa left right after the third time (at 4:45-- she's scheduled to work until 6). I hope Ellen calls again.

No kid scheduled for 3. Kid scheduled for 4 didn't show up. Three kids scheduled for 5. Two of them here. The other one has never been late before, and it's 5:05. I'm inclined to say that he might not show up.

For the past two hours, I've been doing one of my favorite activities-- reading. I restarted "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister." If you guys haven't read any of Gregory Maguire's books, I highly HIGHLY recommend them. Adult alternative fairy-tales. Fabulous. While I DO love reading so much, it seems like a waste of work-time. There are so many other things I could be doing.

During these two hours (well, hour and forty-five minutes) Theresa went to the "bathroom" twice, "out to her car" once, and "to check on something" once. Each time she came back suspiciously smelling like smoke. It MUST BE a COINCIDENCE. ::shock:: Does THERESA SMOKE? Is THAT how she got to sound like a foghorn?

(Heehee...Tomorrow, I'll be here from 3-5:15. Supposedly, so will she. If any of you are curious about her voice, please oh PLEASE call the center 850-487-3962. Just ask about GED classes or something.)