August 19th, 2005


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So, I went home after visiting GED classrooms and before going in to the Perry branch, and started packing. I've got a bunch of stuff in bins, now, and a bunch of stuff I still need to do.

Then, I was about to leave at 2:30, and I couldn't find my keys. As I'm looking for them, getting frustrated, the doorbell rings, and I answer to find some guy with about five teeth. Apparently his truck stalled and ran out of gas (both at the same time? It was hard to understand him) at.. the end of our driveway.

I'm already running late, and this guy has just basically blocked me in! I found my mom, she finished what she was doing, and then went out there to help him. I finally found my keys, went out there, decided to back up and go over the grass to get out of my house, and then the DUDE is standing like right behind my car and WON'T MOVE. At this point I'm already basically pissed. I kind of waved with my hand for him (and my mom was there too) to move over, but they didn't seem to get it. So I started to back up into where they were. They got the picture at that point, I went over the grass, and hurried to come to work to find...

A note on my computer: "Melissa, call my cell when you get in - T"

So I get here at like three or so, call her cell. Apparently Theresa didn't want to "push it" so only came in for a couple hours this morning. And she let me know that she called the 3 o'clocker and the 4 o'clocker and canceled them, so I have nothing to do for the next couple hours. And only one kid at 5. I could be home packing!

Someone IM me in a couple minutes (when I get on AIM express) to cheer me up.