August 17th, 2005


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Okay, so on the Theresa saga... Today I was going through some Excel worksheets on each of the children in our program. Apparently she can't widen cells or do anything like that. In one cell she had "Family Literacy," but part was hiding (because another row of cells was to its left). So she had another cell next to it that said "teracy."

No 17 year old today.

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I felt this needed a separate entry, as to not diminish the story of the day.

Things are looking good with the moving out. Padfoot and I are going to the house tomorrow to go check it (and my potential roommates) out. As long as we get along fairly well, and the duplex isn't overrun with roaches or dishwashers, I think I'll be fine. I'm excited. After tomorrow evening, assuming everything works out, I need to find where I put things like.. my dishes, my towels, and other things that I'll need when I move out, that I didn't need to use whilst living at home. I'll certainly bring my desk, my dressery sort of thing, and my bookshelves (and my boardgames, clothes, etc.). They have a queen size bed that they said that I could use. It will be nice for my parents to be able to keep this bed here, and plus we don't have to worry about moving it.. so no problems there. :)

Originally I was going to look at the place this evening, but because I was working so late, I asked them if I could do it Thursday instead. I got off earlier than I was supposed to today(Theresa called our 6-7 students and asked them not to come until next week because she wanted to go home early). Unfortunately they had already made plans, so I'm going tomorrow as originally planned. Still, Deborah and I drove by to see a) exactly where it was b) what the neighborhood was like. It's not too bad. Its a little woodsy looking, and definitely looks like an older neighborhood-- but it's still nice. Certainly no Golden Eagle, but it's good enough for me. Besides, it's right near Tuscany which houses not only my friend Jon, but a POOL! I plan to invite myself over often.
dumb look

Last one, I promise

Okay, so by now you definitely know who Babette is, right? (If you don't, click on the tag at the bottom of the entry to see other ones about her)

My mom's friends daughter. My mom's friend Alice, who is 80-something.. Her daughter is maybe 50ish. She constantly calls my mom. Basically to complain about her mother (who everyone else knows is a wonderful human being) and the rest of her family, because they won't talk to her/don't like her. Anyway...

After having a two hour conversation with my dad, Babette called 5 more times tonight.

"Rochel I know its late and you have work in the morning, but I really really need to talk to you blah blah blah"

"Rochel please pick up, you might be sleeping but please, I'm desperate to talk to you, please if you don't get this right now call me back as soon as you do"

"Rochel! Hi, It's Babette, can you call me"

All. In. A. Row.

So we're doing an experiment. My dad decided to.. well.. mess with her. He spent this last hour telling her that yes, her family was out to get her by giving her a car that needed some minor break repairs. That yes, everyone was being completely unfair to her, and that she was obviously not at fault for anything.

::wonders what will happen next::

EDIT: 11:45 pm. Babette just called again.