August 14th, 2005


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I had a very productive morning, and a somewhat less than productive afternoon, including freaking falling asleep at a friends house. What am I, five?

Didn't get to see Sara as planned, and didn't get to see Aras as planned. I did however get to see Family Guy. Eee, I love that show.

The reason for the entry

Deborah (my thirteen year old sister) and I recently got a bunch of books from the Friends of the Library gift shop at the main branch. We were talking about the books over dinner, and she mentioned that even though she was the same age as the Baby-Sitters Club, that she still felt younger. I said that I did, too. My mom said, "because they are more responsible than you are?" Okay, ha ha, mom, but seriously. First of all, they are very responsible. I don't think that in the books they act 13 at all. My sister is 13. My sisters friends are 13. They aren't irresponsible, and they are probably the more mature, MORE respomsible ones of their grade/age. So in part one, reason one that they feel older than me...the Baby Sitters Club acts old.

But as a responsible 20 year old (I think I tend to act my age, generally), I still look up to them. When I read about them, it still seems like they are older than me. Now, I probably read my first BSC book when I was.. seven or eight. While I stopped reading them as "my books" around 15 or 16, they still seemed older than me. Is that because, even though they didn't really age, they kind of grew up a few years ahead of me? I mean, technically, these girls were 13 even in 1989. Kind of like how Harry Potter is now.. 24 or 25ish. The books when they were a certain age were written a long time ago. Does that contribute to the factor? What about the fact that I originally looked up to them? Does that still put me in the 7-8 year old stance when I read about them now?

(I had more ideas and thoughts about this, but somehow lost them)

If you've read the books EVER, please comment and let me know your thoughts. If you've read the books recently, or was so obsessed that you remember everything, DEFINITELY comment, I'd really like to know your opinion.

(Same thing with Sweet Valley Twins, but not with Sweet Valley KIDS. Maybe because I started reading the Twins series before I went back and read some of the KIDS series when I was already older)
(I dunno about HP. Still trying to sort that out in my head)