August 13th, 2005


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With all the new stuff yesterday, I totally forgot the reason I wanted to go shopping originally. My mom wouldn't take me for ice cream! Not that that's some horrible sin or anything, but that was always my treat whenever I had to get... blood drawn. I hate hate hate blood. I hate hate hate needles. I particularly "hate hate hate" blood coming out of me with a needle. I was like, shaking in the chair. Luckily the weakness and faintiness I only get when I give large amounts, and this was only two tubes, not a bag to donate or anything. The nurse lady was very nice, didn't jab for veins like the last time I had to get blood drawn, and was very not horrible about the whole thing. Still, Deb said they could hear me in the waiting room, I was so loud. Atleast I got a sticker.

They're testing for thyroid problems (which my older siblings have, and I was tested for four years ago but there was nothing) and .. rheumatoid panel? The Rheumatoid panel tests for several different things, including.. lupus. And there's lupus in my family (my dad's cousins). And I have a lot of symptoms. So I'm a little nervous about my results. I don't think theres anything THAT wrong with me; I think its just the "generalized myalgia" -- a virus which basically means my muscles are sore and achey. It'll apparently go away with time, if that's all it is.

Ooh, I gotta get going. Gotta help set up for the tutor training.

high on meds? check
dressed? not so check.