August 11th, 2005


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What's the site where you can check the last 50 (ish?) comments you've posted/received? Can you do it for other people other than yourself? ::Gets stalkery::

Each individual state deserves a bow, WE SALUTE THEM NOW!

Half my house smells like disgusting microwaved hotdog. Thanks, dad.

I finally got an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow. I'm constantly exhausted, weak, and really sore. Sometimes my body just starts to ache, it seems out of nowhere. Today I couldn't even get out of bed until my Ibuprofen kicked in... just because my muscles were so sore. So I guess I'm going to figure out if there's something really wrong with me, or if I'm just THAT much of a hypochondriac-- or if all the dancing/tennis/running lately has just been too much for my poor body to take.

An online presence. Everywhere.

Liz: Whoa, you know Jane Rayburn? Sometimes when I'm bored I look at the friends I have in common with people on facebook. It's always weird when there's an unexpected one. How do you know her?

More on facebook/friends: Sad that Jack and Kris aren't friends anymore. I could deal with never seeing Rob on my list again-- in fact I prefer it that way... but I always thought I was fairly close to Jack and Kris-- moreso Jack, I guess. Like in any split, you lose things. Atleast I got the boat, right? Kidding. No boat. But I did get custody of my wonderful amazing hyper crazy son Padfoot. And I got my life back. But anyway.

I maintain a huge online presence. LJ, Myspace, Facebook, hotornot, catch27, StumbleUpon, my personal website... Friendster, Orbitz, probably more... Not to mention AIM, Y!M, ICQ, and occasionally MSN. Now all I need is suicide girls profile, and I'm done. Any other huge profile things I've missed?

Wow, if anyone wanted to find me it would NOT BE HARD. And so much information is public... Kinda creepy in a way.