August 7th, 2005


The + and - of being Melissa (tonight)

+ Meeting Aesom, finding out he does exist
- Derrick not being home
+ Tropical Smoothie Brain Booster!
+ swing dancing in Village Inn
- Badly
+ seeing Jeremy/Germany
- Finding out he doesn't vote
+ Germany letting me keep his ball
+ New night staff
- New night staff
+ New manager Eric
+ New manager Jason
+ Clyde the cool waiter who gave random advice
+ Girl named "Random"
- Girl named Random was uncool.
+ Hanging out with my best friend crazy!Indira
- Indira asking ridiculous questions to Danny DeVito from Target Copy
- Indira asking ridiculous questions to Clyde at Village Inn
+ The look on peoples faces when she asked them
- Guy sitting at a table touching our butts as we walked out
- Indira wanting to call the cops about it
chicken nugget toes

(no subject)

The basic tutor training today was informative, and not even boring. I was half working, half learning with the rest of everyone else. I won't actually be tutoring, but this was a way for me to learn about the resources tutors are going to ask me about, meet the tutors, etc. We learned a lot about the different ways that adults learn. I am NOT deficient because I don't know all that North South East West crap. I'm visual and analytical. I just learn differently than certain other people who may or may not have given me the huge bruise on my right side. We talked about different teaching techniques for adults as opposed to children, and alternative techniques for adults who can't capture concepts. We also talked about what to do in the first meeting, how to establish bonds, working towards the objectives the student wants to accomplish (getting their GED, reading their child's homework, getting their drivers license, to name a few). There's another session next Saturday that I'm even looking forward to.

Then I came home, and slept. For five hours. This job has really been wearing me out. I work constantly, and when I'm not working, I'm thinking about work. When I'm not doing either of those, I'm dreaming about work. Ridiculouso. But, my fair is coming together, piece by piece. Any Talleans that wanna volunteer for a couple hours the night of September 8th, please let me know!

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As soon as I come online, do NOT bombard me with IMs.

this is a message to one person only. who won't even read this. but I had to vent.