August 2nd, 2005



So Deb came home last night (along with my parents). She's still wearing the bracelet :) Somehow I can't bring myself to take my purple fraying ribbon off. I've become attached to it. As far as I know she hasn't taken her silver one off either.

Anyway, she looks all tan and thinner and stuff, and she obviously had a great time. Now she's doing "Math Camp" but I totally intend to hang out with her this evening.... if I don't crash as soon as I come home like I did yesterday.

Gotta leave for work in 10 min still not dressed.

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I got the myspace message "i bet u taste like honey"

I didn't like it. I deleted the message.

EDIT: This was supposed to be in dulljournal, I posted it in the wrong place. Oh well, I'll leave it.