July 29th, 2005


International Literacy Day Fair!

Ellen really really liked one of my ideas. A huge idea. A huge idea that I'm going to pull off by myself. I haven't organized anything on this scale anymore. Now all the advice about how to get in-kind donations will come in handy (stuff I learned at the PSO). And organizational and persuasive skills, of course. I have so much to do! Place, time, food, activities, volunteers, supplies, door prizes, take-home bags full of books or school supplies. I have like four pages of notes from when Ellen and I talked earlier. Oy!goodness.

Atleast now I have a project, of my own. I can work on it in my downtime, I'll get lots of recognition, and I'll probably get to wear my suit, visiting all these corporations and all :)

Did I mention I get business cards? I'm going to NEED them. I mean, some people have them cause they want them. I will have them because alllll these places are going to have to have my name and phone number. All the seventy-billion places I'm going to have to beg. (Should I not say seventy billion while in my skirt-suit, talking to managers?)

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Three notes walk into a bar: a C, an E-flat, and a G. The bartender says he doesn't serve minors. So the E-flat leaves and the C and G have a fifth between them