July 24th, 2005


from quicksilverfox

One. Pick ten musicials.
Two. Post them and see who can guess which song from each musicial is your favorite
Three. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include your favorite song

1. RENT (Light my Candle, guessed by pandora48sch)
2. Sound of Music (Sixteen Going on Seventeen guessed by pandora48sch)
3. Singin in the Rain (Good Mornin, guessed by pandora48sch)
4. Phantom of the Opera (Music of the Night, guessed by subjectivity)

5. On the Town
6. Wicked (Popular, guessed by bicentennialman)
7. Into the Woods (Greens, guessed by subjectivity)
8. Oklahoma (Can't Say No, guessed by subjectivity)
9. Mary Poppins
10. Secret Garden

Random thoughts

~I'm happy :)
~Indira called me today to give her a ride to the doctor. She cut her foot with a razor while trying to give herself a boot-leg pedicure. She was on the phone while doing so and got a little heated. She had to get a tetanus shot because she hadn't had one in over ten years. Afterwards she came over, we ate dinner, and she told me that I needed to wash the ribbon on my arm. I told her it came into the shower with me. She was very convinced that it had deadly germs or something on it.
~I cleaned my room. Not to the state of perfection, but more than it had been. I've been keeping it so nice, and it had just gotten a little too messy for me
~I left the caricature of me and Andrea in the hotel. Booo. And then today, I forgot to call about it. I hope they can send it to me. If not, atleast I have the picture on my phone/LJ
~I'm happy.
~The Jewish world is seriously tiny. Everyone knows eachother. It's ridiculous. I am constantly amazed.

(no subject)

Yay for day planners. I need one for work, so mi madre and I are off to Staples to get that and school supplies for Deb. I remember summers, hating knowing that school is about to start, but loving the smell of binders. All school supplies, really. If they had a "school supply" scent for my car, I'd be all over that mess.

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My cousin Rose (shoshana88), on me dealing with Republicans...

: lol! Just don't kill anyone ok? Verbal, not physical. And if they start to cry you have to stop (but you can snicker I suppose). :-)