July 21st, 2005

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Didn't sleep a wink. Hopefully not going to regret it today! Can't see myself regretting a great night. Enjoying being cryptic but bursting to say things. Burst burst burst. GRIN. Aaaaaaah. EEEEEeee.

I get to see Andrea tonight! After I'm done with session and/or dinner (depending on when she is free) we're doing dinner and/or shopping and/or swimming and/or vegging out and catching up. I haven't seen her in over three months, so I'm excited :)

Had breakfast with Helen (the older woman who is working on the same project I am, in a different county). We talked about our plans for leaving tomorrow afternoon. The orientation gets out at 2, it'll take us a little while to get to the airport, and our plans leaves at 6. Arriving in tally-ho at 7:05. Dad will pick me up and transport to services (where mom will be waiting, she's doing the oneg). Either that or he'll take me home because I'll undoubtedly be exhausted.

Today's plan is a lot like yesterdays. Working in our "breakout" groups (Florida all together) talking about what it means to be a VISTA (no, we don't really talk about anything else). We'll also probably work on our play, "I'll be your sunshine" written and performed by the RED GROUP! (FLORIDA!)*

Sarah-- I'm worried about you. I called your phone and no answer. Please call me at 850-294-2065 and let me know whats going on :(

I feel a little sick. I think its lack of sleep mixed with insane amounts of butterflies. I hope I don't puke up my powdered eggs, cardboardly tasteless grits and cold biscuit (aside from breakfast, the food has actually been really good. They just can't seem to get breakfast right)

*When I typed that I was somehow reminded of "G-E-ORGY-A, ORGY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME"

Aaand now someone else needs this. Ta! (yeah, I said ta)

On October 22nd...

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Yes, that's the bridesmaids dress for nikita9041's wedding!

Americorps stuff over for the day. Dinner is later, but I'm probably going to skip it and go out for real food with Andrea. I didn't eat lunch b/c it looked gross, and breakfast was undeniably cardboard, so I'm looking forward to a nice Atlanta restaurant or something.

It's frikkin hot in this hotel.

A Picture Share!

Me and Andrea at Atlanta Underground--- we got a caricature done.

Compare to:

Me and Vivi, senior year of hs (Six Flags)

Not that the second picture (with Andrea) wasn't done well, but sheesh. My face is the shape of the first picture. And that's a BIG difference.