July 15th, 2005


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Hey Daniel, are you ever on LJ anymore? Are you in Philmont? Whats the dealio? Are you actually going to turn 19 tomorrow? Is it just a rumor?
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Harry Potter guesses for book 6
Who will die?Dumbedore
Who is the Half-Blood Prince?Hagrid
Will we see Sirius again? If so, how?No, but Harry may try to, in the mirror
Will Pettigrew's and Harry's bond come into play?probably. Peter will save Harry from Voldie or something
Will Ron and Hermione finally get together?duh
Will Harry date anyone? Who?possibly Luna
Who will teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?Snape
How many O.W.L.'s will Harry get? Which subjects?9 or 10. not History of Magic
Will Percy be back on good terms with his family?hopefully :)
Will Harry get to play Quidditch again?yes, now that Umbridge is gone
Will anyone learn to be an animagus?Still thinkin Ginny is a cat
Will the Order still exist? Still at the Black family house?yes and yes
What will we learn about Lily?she dated Lupin
Will there be a dark vs non-dark war?yes
Will Voldie start killing for fun again?yes
What will Harry/Draco relations be?still not civil
Mundungus Fletcher predictions?oy
Fred and George predictions?LIvin the high life with their joke shop, still big characters
Anything else?no