June 28th, 2005


Wrapping it all up

Uncle Z, his girlfriend Abby, and his daughter Liana left the house around 6 am this morning to catch their flight.
Taking Matthew, Naomi, and Kalina to the airport to catch their 1:30 flight (yikes! I need to put the carseat in my car!)

Also leaving today: Marc, Robin, and their daughter Anna.

I have no idea when Vivi and Alan are leaving. They drove, so it's not like they have a plane to catch, but I dunno how much time they have off work.

And then it's just back down to us. The stress is over, the cleaning for the Bat Mitzvah is over (now, the clean UP, yay!) and the rest of the summer can commence.

Delia's baby shower (need to look for balloons that can break off so I can make pregnant dogs), Deb goes to camp (hmm, I wonder if I should go up to Clayton with them), Parents go to mom's lesbian friend's wedding reception in New Orleans, I go to North Carolina for training, I start work with Americorps, Deb comes home from camp (Clayton again, If I can get off work)


We stayed up pretty late last night playing Battle of the Sexes. We don't play with the actual board, so we made up our own rules. The girls won, 15-8. Then, the boys were all "your questions were easier, wah!" and didn't realize that the questions we were asking them were just as easy to US! So we traded decks for the second game (girls got girl questions, boys got boy questions) and we were 8-2 at some point, 17-6 at some point.. and then more boys came in and we were totally uneven and the boys ended up winning, 45-36. I still had fun though (I know, odd, I usually need to win to enjoy a game!)

Originally, the teams were uneven (more girls in my family than boys) so I invited my friend Josh over to help even things out. And of course, that was awesome, because he rocks. I think we may have scared him-- when he walked in I introduced him to everyone around the room... all fifteen of us or so that were playing. Quite an odd group of people. By the time we all said goodnight it was just me, Vivi, Deborah, Matthew, Liana, and Alan and him, though, and I think that was a little easier to take in-- a smaller group, more his age, etc.

The night before, I forgot to mention that a bunch of us went to Lake Ella to go walk and had some pretty awesome singing times, whilst walking around (thanks to Matthew, myself, Liana, Deb, and Emily). My Aunt Christina even told me that I should have a career/degree in music/singing. THATS not going to happen, but I had been feeling pretty down recently about my singing, I don't feel like it's as good as it used to be, so it was nice to hear the compliment. And I DO intend on getting back involved in plays at Quincy Music Theater. Those were the frikkin DAYS man!


My calves are extremely painful still. My muscles hurt like whoa, and it's been since Sunday. Originally I thought it was from standing in heels all Saturday morning, before I remembered that I was dancing all Saturday night. Aaah, back on Saturday night. SO MUCH FUN. I need to get pictures from Matthew before he leaves.

I need to get up and get dressed, though I have decided I am not going to take a shower today. I didn't take one till around 3 pm yesterday, and besides, I plan to do nothing today, besides be an airport shuttle. And I don't have to look so purty for that.

Abrams family, STACKABLE STYLE!

Just to keep you guys on your toes while waiting for the HUGE picture post (I'll probably put it in abrams so those who don't want to see it don't have to) I'm going to post a couple random ones.

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Dad, Mom, Me, Deborah, and cousin Anna