June 26th, 2005


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Deborah was amazing this weekend. She did such a fabulous job on the service, her torah portion(s!), Haftorah, speech, and everything else.

The party was amazing, including some great parts afterwards where we sat around and blew bubbles. Bubbles were definitely ythe theme for us 16-22 year olds last night at the party (after most people left) . And of course, the dancing was great. I <3 dancing, and especially the cha cha slide. The only bad part of the party was that it was slightly crowded, due to some rain we had and therefore couldn't have people on the deck for a little while. But it didn't matter to the kids-- we spent most of the time downstairs dancing in the non-humid, non-crowded rec room. Aaand none of the music was told to be turned off, as I was afraid would happen. Deb's friends seemed to have a good time, as did the people my age. There was some "sitting on the couch boringness" for awhile with a few of my cousins and friends, but that was mostly cured.

Sabrina never showed up at the party, nor did Seana, but Indira, Sara, Erin, and Justin all came :) It was nice to see them, especially watching them interact with my family. Marc (the cousin not the uncle) danced with Indira (whom he referred to as Fifi), Erin and Marc got to talk a little bit (they were betrothen long ago at my Bat Mitzvah, and have been friends when they see eachother since), and Justin and my Uncle Frank seemed to talk for ages. I'm not entirely too happy about that. They both went to UF law school, so that's good and all... but at MY Bat Mitzvah party Uncle Frank told my friends he invented the snack cracker... and I'm afraid of what he may have told Justin!

Lots of family came for the weekend.

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TOP FROM RIGHT TO LEFT (mostly age order): Naomi, Matthew A, Alan, Vivi, Will, Melissa, Ben, Matthew M, Stephanie. BOTTOM FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Anna (the only one out of age order, she should be on the other end), Rose, Liana, Sarah Coven (Deborah's friend), Deborah, Justin, Rebecca.

Whew. That's a lot of people. That particular picture is just "our generation" and doesn't include either the old fogies, the ancient fogies, or the one baby. I didn't bust out my camera for the whole huge group picture, but I'll be sure to get it from someone who did get it, and post later.

Extreme highlights include meeting the cousins I had never met before: Will, Ben, and Rose. All three of them were so amazing-- I wish we had known them better growing up, Between the three of them, Marc, Stephanie, Liana, myself, and Mustard, we had quite a great age group going on, which is something I've never really had. My mom hadn't seen her cousin Jack in 29 years, but it better not be another 29 years before I get to see his children again. I think instead we decided on 29 months, which would make our next meeting around November 07. Maybe Vivi's wedding, or Matthew's next kid or something. I made sure to get all their screen names/e-mail adddresses, and even a few LJ names! WOO! SHOUT OUTS TO MY NEW LJ FRIENDS unschtroumpf (Liana) ljbuddy (Ben) and shoshana88 (Rose)

Aaaanyway. They're gone. The cousins I had never met, that is :( I'm sad, though I didn't actually cry (as I had texted Ben that Liana and I were doing). Most of the other people left as well.

BUT Liana is still here, as is her dad (my Uncle Z), and my Uncle Marc, his wife Robin, and their daughter Anna. Plus my siblings and their cohorts (Alan, Naomi, Kalina), and my Uncle Frank, his wife Christina, and their kids Emily and Richard. There are SIXTEEN people staying in my house tonight. Holy crap. I think that Vivi is sharing my room with Liana and I, and I have no idea where we are going to put Frank and family (last night they were at the hotel).

Now those of us who are left are going swimming at the hotel. Boo-ya.

family picture and the "under 5" picture

left to right:
Dad, Mom, Matthew, Vivi, Melissa, Deborah (age order). Also check out the progressively lighter pink shirts of me and my sisters.

We had no idea where to look, there were so many cameras going off!
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This is the cutest picture ever. Anna (cousin), Kalina (niece)
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I think that's it for the pictures for now. More when I get other people's pictures, of the partay!