June 23rd, 2005


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I am:

~practicing my Torah portion for Saturday
~wearing pants I thought I'd never be able to wear again
~sitting next to two pairs of jeans that are hand-me-downs... from my little sister
~excited about seeing relatives tonight.

Today's relatives:
~Matthew (brother) Naomi (sister-in-law) Kalina (niece)
~Great Aunt Sylvia, Great Uncle Bernie, mom's cousin Robin, Robin's kids Stephanie, Justin, and Rebecca
~Uncle Zadik, cousin Liana, and Zadik's girlfriend Abby
~Mom's cousin Jack, two of his kids (Will, Ben and Rosie are his kids, one of them is coming tomorrow, though)

All from my mom's side tonight. Tomorrow it will get crazy with a bunch of my dad's relatives, even more of my mom's relatives, and family friends from afar.

Per Deborah's wildest hopes, I'm going to be straight all weekend. As in (well, first of all, not lesbionic, second of all, no drugs, but she didn't need to worry about either of those anyway) I'm going to wear my hair straight. She likes it better straight than curly, and I figured it's her special weekend, so she should get to look at my hair how she wants it.. heh.

Aside from all that, Deborah's sick-- I gave her my cough and throat pain. I hope she feels better FAST.

Also, my chest hurts. Not in a heart attack type way, this is more on the outside. Like I have a huge black and blue spot right underneath my left collarbone. You can't see it at all, but it's extremely painful, and I have no idea how I got it. Hopefully it will stay non-colorful until atleast Saturday night, because my dress is strapless.

More Rob stuff,

So, my parents bought beer for Deborah's Bat Mitzvah party. Okay, so thats not the weird part. The weird part is, my dad likes the same beer as Rob, apparently. I took one look at the Killians Irish Red and freaked out.

Also, it's been erased now, but there was this thing on the bulletin board that listed who was reading what Torah portion and who was doing which aliyah.. and Rob and I were going to have an aliyah together (if we had stayed together, he would have had the conversion ceremony over a month ago). Now it just says Melissa, but you can see the erasure marks. That hurts.

And then yesterday, Deborah got a card from her math teacher, Robert Coleman. She never knew his name was Robert, just thought it was Bob. This warranted a long discussion between she and her friend Arielle about nicknames for Robert. More hurt.

Hopefully enough of my family was never told in the first place that I was getting married that I won't have to explain that I am not.

Rob-issues aside, I'm looking forward to this weekend muchly.