June 21st, 2005


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Indira is insane. She was over today, we were working on baking some stuff for Deborah's party, and then watching Bridget Jones's Diary when my dad mentions that we should visit our neighbors, because Mrs. Lyle's having leg troubles and can't move. Indira didn't want to go, so I pulled the "Good Christians visit the old/sick" vibe and she fell for it (first time I used that by the way) On the way back, Indira wanted to do more mitzvot (though I guess she didn't call it that) and mentioned that her church made food for the shelter once a week. I mentioned that my synaogue also cooked for them every so often, and how other churches did the same. So then, talking about this, standing in my kitchen, drinking some water, she says, "Homeless people get so much to eat! They don't need any more food!" Yeah, I uh, spit out my water all over the floor in laughter. I know it's not great to laugh about, but the situation was so... yeah. Reminds me of when she was crackin gup over the words "poverty stricken." Oh man, this is not funny. Yeah, I'm laughing. Maybe you had to be there? Or maybe you just have to know Dips (Indira). Oh maaaan