June 16th, 2005

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Oh what a night...

My night started off fairly normal, with Indira, Sara, Seana and I at Village Inn. Highlights from VI include me randomly giving some guy Indira's number, talking to 40-year-old Greg who also hangs at VI (we've talked many a time before), soaking a napkin with poured on syrup, and getting crappy wait-service just because we go there so often.

Around 12:30, Josh called me. Not married Josh. A different Josh that I met online who I've talked to muchly in the past several days. He was the one that I said stole my number (off my buddy info, but wheh).

He had invited me earlier to a party he was going to, and I said I probably wouldnt come cause I'd be out with the girls, and then he called me to give me my drunken update (as he said he would)... but then after all the minister drama at Village Inn (can Indira talk about anything else lately?) I needed something for ME, so I asked Seana and Indira if they would come to this party with me (Sara had left). Dips didn't want to drive, so we all took my car. We got there around 2:30 or so, talked for a little while (by that time, the party was only Josh and his best friend Hunter) before Indira started hinting that she had to go (by making up a fake interview in the morning). So, because I had just met my new friend and wanted to continue talking, I invited the two of them to come with me to take Seana and Indira back to VI (where her car was parked).

Now, Josh and Hunter were both a little drunkish-- they had been partying, and the stories that they were telling weren't really things that any of us could relate to. Knowing more about Josh, I was fine, but Dips and Seana were a little uncomfortable. We dropped them off, drove back, and on the way, Indira calls to say she's on capital circle and she's coming to get me. Right, coming to get me because she was scared that I wasn't making a wise decision, hanging out with two drunk guys. A few minutes after the two guys and I got back, Indira and Seana were in the parking lot, refusing to leave until I got my keys and left.

So, thanks Dips, for being a friend and all, thinking I was in danger, but I didn't really need it. those guys were harmless. Less than harmless. And I can hold my own, thanks. But thanks for the thought, I guess. You and Seana both.

Anyway, now I'm talking to Josh again online :)

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Lucy, I didn't realize you were friends with him again :-/. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on your fnord link. asiofpweytrioygrhg3ipwrhgbtr3.

Hunter Hill

Darn, darn, double frikkin darn.

I added Hunter Hill's old screen name to my list. His screen name from
seventh grade. It's been on my list for about five or six months. Today, he
came online. Except, it wasn't Hunter. It was some random guy who just
happened to have his old screen name. That was my last chance, my last hope
in finding him. Darn darn darn darn darn.

If anyone knows or can find James Hunter Hill, let me know. I'd be relieved
to find out he's not dead in a gutter.

I promise this is my last post for awhile!