June 15th, 2005

chicken nugget toes

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My first charlie horse was about a year ago, maybe a little more. Andrea and I were sitting in the living room at Sterling, and suddenly she got a charlie horse. I didn't actually know what one was at the time, and as she was explaining it, I got one. I don't know whether it was empathy or what, but it was completely weird-- I'm sure she thought I was lying-- "Oh, yeah, I have one too" but it was real as ever.

I just had my second-ever charlie horse. I was getting out of bed to take Padfoot outside .He was jumping around my room, saying "Mommy I gotta pee," and I guess I was moving differently than usual, because all of a sudden, major pain/crap in my left calf. I had forgotten how much those hurt. I massaged my leg, all while Paddington was doing his weird jumpy thing (I couldn't move to take him out!), finally took him outside, put him in the backyard, and then walked back in... to see both Padfoot and Kelev running up the stairs. I guess my dad is working on something down there and has the door open. But that's not the point of the entry.