June 14th, 2005


New monitor!

Congratulations to me! I got a new monitor! Well, Deborah's old one, but its like 6 months old. It's an Envision, 19 inch, flat screen. Its really nice, but its hard getting used to such a huge monitor. Hopefully my webcam will be able to clip to the top, since the cam is meant for a laptop in the first place.

So why do I have a new monitor? Deb's computer kicked the bucket. It wasn't old, it wasn't bad, but somehow it killed itself. So now she's got a new eMac on the way, which is basically just a monitor with everything inside, so obviously she doesn't need this one.

Anyone need a 17-inch DELL monitor? No problems with it, except I need to get sticky stuff off of it from when I had pictures taped on it. 3 years old. Comes with power cord, of course. Make an offer, but know that unless more than one person wants it, I'll probably just give it away.

I'm slightly sad to be getting rid of it. Unlike the dorko who got her very own computer at 12, I got mine at 17, when I was going away to college, and it's the only monitor I've ever had.

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Tuttle, if you don't post a birthday list freaking soon there's going to be some old smelly yellow socks in the mail for you, or perhaps some used tissue.
clowns taste funny

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Possible second mad-cow case in the U.S. The one before was a Canadian cow near the border or something, but this one could be for real :( I find myself wondering how Rob feels about this, since he worked with data from mad cow testing for a little while.

Silly Melissa. Stop wondering about him. I listened to the very beginning of "I Don't Like Hitler" (not on purpose, but it also hasn't exactly been taken off my playlist) and got a quick dose of Rob.

I also have stuff I need to send to him. His 04 taxes that I did for him, and a composition book he wrote some songs in. Darn the remembering him.
hat and glasses

Mmm.. blueberry muffin.

A few congratulations are in order:
~to subjectivity for updating
~to myself for making fabulous blueberry muffins
~to my mother for finding fabulous sales and offering to buy me clothing (for work)
~to my chest, for being able to handle diced tomatoes (in the spaghetti, seeing as how I can't have spaghetti sauce)
~to other parts of my chest, for shrinking as I lose weight and therefore giving me less back pain
~to a certain boy who SOMEHOW stole my number ;)