June 10th, 2005


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aoibhinn and theromansgohome, I tried to watch Lost. I really did. I started the first episode (I downloaded the first six awhile ago, just in case) and got to the part where the main character (from what I could tell) runs back to help the guy stuck under the plane , and we see his leg come off, and all the blood, and .. yeah. Not for me. Does it get less bloody as the season goes on?


Alrighty kids, GREENZAP is now open! Go activate your accounts so you can
get your money and start "zappin"!

Oh, and right now you only get the $25, On June 22nd thats when you get the
money for all of your friends that signed up under you, and you get even
more if they upgrade to Gold! And YOU, if you are going to spend $100, you
may as well upgrade to gold. You pay them $100, but it goes directly into
your account, and then the fee for each transaction becomes $1 and not $2
(still better than Paypal, who takes something ridiculous like 33% out of
your money that comes in).

(and yes, you can transfer funds directly to your debit card, from what I