June 9th, 2005


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I am so tired of my family. Tired of how they act towards eachother, tired of how they act towards me, tired of cleaning up after them, tired of them not listening to me, tired of everything. So tired of everything.
latin queen band dork by sara

44 facts about me, ganked from amberstar07

1. I'm a Sagittarius, born 11-23-1984.
2. As much as I hate cleaning, I love when things are clean. And I love to organize. I used to organize my mom's desk on Take Your Daughter to Work Day.
3. I have one brother and two sisters. Matthew is 28, Vivi is 25, and Deborah is 12.
4. When my mom was 24, my brother Matthew was born on October 24th. When my mom was 27, My sister Vivi was born on July 27th. When my mom was 32, there's no 32nd, so I flipped the digits and was born on November 23. Deborah was born on July 8. My mom was 40, not 80. But, she's twice the work (or so we say to make the system work)
5. I've never kissed brothers, and I've never kissed anyone that my sister has. Ahem, Sabrina and Indira.
6. I cry really easily, and its hard for me to be tough and stand my ground while I'm crying. I therefore usually use emotional arguments.
7. Whenever I sing Hava Nagila, I change part of the chorus to have my name in it, "U'Verachim Melissa Leah..."
8. My first boyfriend and I never technically broke up. But, we haven't seen eachother or spoken in six years, so I think its safe to say I'm allowed to date other people.
9. Until my dorm room freshman year of college, I never had a phone (landline) in my room. However, I got a cell phone in May of my junior year of high school.
10. Of my two best friends my first semester in college, I expected to have a longer lasting relationship with Jinette, rather than Andrea. However, the bonds of Latin and JCL proved to be stronger than those of band.
11. Chemsitry and crime-solving has always fascinated me, and I externed with the FSU Criminology dept. my senior year of high school. However, I have never seen CSI, because I cannot stand blood.
12. I met my best friend Indira when we were four, in kindergarten. I tied her shoe. I don't remember this, but the mommies insist on it, and it's a cute story.
13. I have a slight obsession with eyebrows. It's the one thing people have complete control over, and I hate it when people complain about their looks without atleast doing something to fix it. It's generally the first thing I notice about everyone.
14. I used to be able to whistle much better than I can now. I think playing flute screwed me over, embouchure-wise
15. I cannot wink. I practice in front of my mirror sometimes, but I can't do it. I'm broken!
16. I own a banjo, and try to play, but I'm not very good. My late Uncle Rick was a banjo player in the Piney Creek Weasels
17. I am afraid of dishwashers. I hate walking into a room that has an open one, it makes my heart beat quickly and I get scared. I'd much rather do dishes by hand than get near that melissa-killing machine.
18. I wish I had the courage to wear really random unique stuff, but I never do.
19. I had a sunburn that I got in March 04 that you could still see the lines from almost a year later. Hopefully the one I have no won't last that long.
20. I'm very picky about most things, but I try not to be. This causes indecisiveness, but generally everyone else is happier.
21. I love dancing in clubs but hate hate hate the smell of smoke. I also only like to dance when I have someone to dance with
22. I have pretty bad allergies, that make me feel miserable fairly often. Especially in Tallahassee/Gainesville weather.
23. I don't mind stupid people who try to work on it, but I hate people who refuse to learn. This is one reason why I'm not a fan of Republicans.
24. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali, and I absolutely hate Jackson Pollack. He's a stupid drunken imbecile who splattered paint and called it art.
25. There's a ten year old that I might marry someday. Maybe when I'm 35 and he's 25. Definitely no earlier than 28 and 18.
26. When I was thirteen I had more than 100 pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio on my walls. Most of them were from Titanic, seeing as how I was in love with Jack Dawson (his character), not Leo.
27. Other characters I have fallen for are: Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, Bradin Westerly, and Will Truman.
28. My longest relationship was thirteen months and one day -- Rob. My shortest was about six hours long. Josh asked me out at lunchtime, and I broke up with him that evening after school.
29. I have book son my shelf just for show, even though I know I won't read them. Can we say pretention?
30. I prefer light colored soda to dark colored soda, and 95% of the time, I prefer water overall.
31. Sometimes I say things so many times to myself that I convince myself that it's true.
32. I only turn my computer off if I'm rebooting or if I'm going to be gone for several days. Otherwise, I just turn the monitor off while I'm sleeping.
33. I like my cooked vegetables slightly overdone and mushy, and I like my (raw) fruit rock rock rock hard.
34. I love having my binary clock, but never look at it for the time. I do like to see people's faces when they see it and teach them binary, though. Pretention again, but is it pretention when its super geeky?
35. In the past two years, I find myself judging people more than I should. Even more recently (past several months) these judgements have been coming out more. I wish I could stop thinking some of the things I hear myself think.
36. In the beginning of our relationship, Jake and I spent hours upon hours playing Jeopardy online. We would each win about half of the time, and we were both very bad gloaters. The multi-player verison unfortunately does not exist anymore.
37. I like the machines that give you straws and toothpicks at restaurants. Something about the magic of it all.
38. I have an odd gift for remembering addresses, dates and numbers (specifically birthdays and phone numbers). I remember them from years ago, even if I haven't heard them in a very long time.
39. I love the smell of coffee, but don't like the drink. In fact, I don't like any hot drinks -- coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider.. I hate all of it. I also don't like the cold colleages of them-- cappucino, iced tea, chocolate milk, or apple juice.
40. I stole Sally as my imaginary friend from Vivi. I don't know where Bob came from, though I believe it was either Josh Mullins' imaginary friend in Latin II or something I took of Sara's.
41. My favorite colors are pink and maroon, but not together.
43. Bill Clinton is at the top of my Celebrity to-do list. Also on there, Colin Firth. They are the only two that have stayed constant.
44. I don't think I'm as optimistic as I used to be. I'm beginning to become a realistic pessimist.