June 8th, 2005



With possibly one day left till my work starts (not promising, but its possible) I'm taking a ... BEACH DAY!

Me + Sara + Seana + Brian (VI cook) are crunking it up St. George style!

Don't try to reach me dudes. You know my phone barely has service in Tallahassee. It won't have it at St. George Island, sooo the phone's being turned off (hardly ever happens, but don't want to waste my battery "looking for service."

Black bikini + tanning gel + sunscreen on the shoulders (I'm doing the same thing I did last time, but hopefully it will work. Yes, I'm stupid.)

Directions: (Writing them down will help me not forget) Crawfordville Hwy, R on 98. Yeah, not that hard, but you may not know me and directions.

Considering taking soffes in addition to board shorts.

(no subject)

Dear Melissa ,

The status of your application for Leon-Calhoun County Coalition (FL012540-1) has just been changed to Selected. If you need to contact the program, be sure mention your application number MA434138141.

SELECTED APPLICANTS ONLY: If you have been selected for an AmeriCorps assignment, please check the "Accept" button.
You can do this by logging onto the AmeriCorps Recruitment Website at https://recruit.cns.gov once there, logon to your application; go to "Program Selections" section and click "Accept". Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

If you have not been selected, please take a few minutes and check out the new opportunities listed on the website.

We wish you luck in finding other exciting programs at www.AmeriCorps.org.

Mel's commentary:
Accepted it. This means that the head office went through all the paperwork, and they didn't find out about the guy I killed. WHOOO!

(no subject)

In addition to having a fabulous time at the beach with my ex-fag, my fag, and my fellow fag-hag, Sara gave me copies of her State pictures.

I found one, from a Mexican restaurant that Sara, Caitlin, Justin and I went to. Everyone else had already eaten dinner, but the four of us had been busy with various (different) things (open certamen and casino night specifically) Afterwards we took a picture outside the restaurant. Sara took the picture. I remember carefully deciding that Caitlin should be in the middle, and I should be on one side, and then Justin several paces away on the other side. Nothing was going on between Justin and I at this point at all, but I remember thinking, "when Rob sees these pictures, he's going to flip that I was at dinner with him, I better not stand anywhere near him." Stupid eggshells, trying to make HIM happy.

And speaking of Rob, I was totally freaked out that I would have to call him this evening. Padfoot and Kelev decided to go for a joy run, and my dad and I couldn't find them for a half hour or so. Unfortunately the tag Padfoot has has ROB's number on it. Despite whether Rob wants Padfoot or not, I know he would love to throw bad parenting in my face in addition to the other accusations he's made. I wrote our home number again in permanent marker on Padfoot's tag, but I had done that once before, and it was all gone. So tomorrow that's my first order of business. A new dog tag for my baby. I was really upset when he was missing, I started crying. I love Padfoot so much.

I think I need to learn a G, D, A, and another.. E? chord to learn to play a song on guitar for Deb's party.

Oh, and yucky news. My phone was shut off, I haven't paid the bill in two months (though I overpaid that time). Of course, this is because I haven't had a JOB in two months. I hate this.