May 31st, 2005


le sigh sigh sigh sigh SIGH

I just talked to Marian at the LVLC office. Apparently she was out all last week... and all my paperword came in.. last week. SO now she's going through it all, but of course, none of it has been sent off yet. Which means atleast another week of no work. While it's nice to have quasi-freedom, that means much more working on the house, and also, no money.

And then Marian brings up the fact that it's possible I won't be able to start in a week! Because "sometimes they let people start early, but a lot of the time it has to be after the PSO," the PSO being the training seminar in.. mid-July. If I do end up not being able to start until mid-July I'm going to be kind of upset-- after Marion and Ellen told me June 1st or possibly before, I decided not to get a job for right now. If the week passes and I cannot start before the seminar, I'm definitely going to have to work for the month. Village Inn will hire me back, thats not an issue. It's just annoying to have to be bounced back and forth. But I guess LVLC doesn't really know either. How frustrating.

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I'm so frustrated with the apathy in my house. They've been using the remodeling excuse to keep the kitchen and dining room a complete wreck. today, I sat my parents and little sister down and told them it had to be done, and things had to change. So, now everyone has a room they keep clean, and other certain rules to abide by.

So we started cleaning the kitchen and dining room, as outlined in the beginning of my plan. Deb, my mom and I started. My dad is outside building a bookshelf, and thats fine. But now my mom's on the phone, and Deborah's who knows where. I've been working by myself for the past little while, and since everyone else stopped completely, I figured I deserved atleast a break.

EDIT: I heard my mom hang up the phone. SO I went back to the kitchen. And now she's on the phone again. It didn't ring, so that means she CALLED SOMEONE ELSE while we are trying to get this all done. It's really very upsetting.