May 30th, 2005


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Two days until my official start of Americorps! I need to call Ms. Lauricella tomorrow just to make sure that all the paperwork went through, and is good. It'd be a pity for them to find out now that I killed some people, and then not let me in. Then I would have wasted a month or so that I could have been working. But seriously, I really hope everything turns out perfectly, that I can report to the library June 1st and figure out exactly what I'm going to do.. and.. eeeee. I'm excited.

Also excited about next weekend, because I'm going to the Junior Museum. A certain blond man has never been, even after living here over eight months-- so we're going to go.


EDIT: Still don't know more. Gave my number to his mommy. He was at Brothers last night (80s night, he's not gay). Seana saw and talked to him. As far as I know he;s just home for the weekend, because last I heard he was in the Navy. How exciting would it be for him to be home for good though? Man, all these Godby people keep dropping back into my life.

ANOTHER EDIT: Word on the street? He IS gay. Of course, it's like third-degree knowlegde. I know someone who who knows someone who thinks he dated one of their (male) friends. Of course, it would be a shame for the females, but it'd make me feel better about him never wanting me!